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"And convey to my servants that surely I am the Ghafoor (the Forgiving) and the Raheem (the Merciful)". -- Suratul Hijr, Verse 49

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Merciful Prophet

Following the battle of Hunain, the Most Noble Messenger distributed the war-booty from the battle only among the Quraysh and he did not give any of it to the Ansars due to various reasons but with good intentions. Some of the Ansars, who had both played a significant role in the advancement of Islam and served [Islam and the Prophet] brilliantly, became offended and interpreted this act of the Prophet (s) as belittlement and disrespect to themselves. When the Prophet (s) found out, he ordered that the Ansars gather in one place and that no one but the Ansars should take part in the gathering.

The Most Noble Messenger along with Ali (a) went to the gathering and sat in the middle of the attendees. The Prophet then asked the Ansars to answer some questions he would pose to them.

He said, "Were you not in a state of loss and confusion and Allah then guided you by way of my presence?"

They said: "Yes."

"Were you not on the verge of collapse and Allah then saved you by way of my presence?"

They said: "Yes".

"Were you not enemies of one another and then Allah brought about reconciliation among you by way of my presence?"

They said, "Yes."

The Prophet paused for a few moments, and then continued: "Why is it that you didn't answer me from your perspective of things?"

They said, "How so? What might we have said?"

He said, "Had you wanted you might have said: O Prophet! When they expelled you from Makkah, we were the ones who gave you refuge. And when you were fearful for your life, we were the ones who gave you protection. And when others didn't believe in your message, we believed in you."

The counseling of the Prophet, his reminders of the favors of Allah upon the Ansar, and the expression of his gratitude had such an effect on the Ansars that they began to weep loudly. The leaders of the Ansar got up, kissed the hand of the Pophet, and expressed their contentment with the Prophet having distributed the war-booty as such. They then said, "All the wealth that we have is yours. Take whatever of it you like and distribute it among the Quraysh."

-- Translated from Koodak az Nazare Wiraathat wa Tarbiyyat by Marhum Falsafee, Vol. 2 Page 68-69.

We can learn many lessons from this beautiful story of the Prophet's conduct. If any such lesson comes to mind, please consider adding your thoughts as a comment to this blog entry so that others can benefit as well.


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